Industrial Liquid Waste Management and Removal

Finding a reliable outlet for bulk loads of waste product can be a challenge. At GreenWhey, we provide a year-round home for liquid waste products, whether we’re providing pick-ups at your facility with our fleet of trucks or accepting deliveries in our full-service intake.


Businesses that work with large amounts of organic material have always contended with liquid waste. These days, responsible business leaders need to know that their waste products are being handled responsibly, and that treatment will be a true “end of cycle” solution that causes no harm to the environment.

At GreenWhey, we offer a full suite of industrial waste management services from our state-of the art facility. From pick-up at your facility to treatment and proof of destruction documentation, we are the primary resource for all of our clients’ liquid waste management needs.

Fleet of Trucks

We operate a fleet of bulk hauling trucks capable of transporting 5,000 gallons each of industrial liquid waste product. Our haulers are courteous, skilled, and dependable. Whether you have scheduled discharge requiring regular pick-ups or the periodic need to dispose of rejected or out-of-spec material, we can be at your facility at a moment’s notice.

Full-Service Intake

Do you have the transportation capabilities, but simply need a reliable home for your industrial liquid waste or discarded consumer products? We operate a full-service intake that can accommodate your needs. With staff to manage paperwork on site and equipment to offload a bulk truck in as little as 15 minutes, your material can be disposed of efficiently and effectively.

Efficient Documentation

Many businesses want proof that their liquid waste materials have been treated responsibly. Our skilled administrative staff can provide any documentation that you require, including assistance with permitting with regulatory agencies.

Serving Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the Midwest

Not sure if GreenWhey is a good fit for your waste material? Call us at 715-986-6430 to discuss. Our friendly staff will discuss the needs of your business and determine the best way to proceed. We provide food and beverage waste management services to businesses located in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and throughout the country.