Waste Management Solutions

At GreenWhey, we provide a clean waste management solution that eliminates liability, protects the environment, and limits exposure in the marketplace.


As a manufacturer, it is not enough today to manage your production and leave waste management to itself. To protect yourself from liability, you need total knowledge of the product life cycle–from “birth to death.”

At our state-of-the-art facility, we provide end-of-cycle treatment for a broad array of liquid wastes. Our mission is to take the worry and doubt out of liquid waste removal and management. We not only treat waste products in a carefully controlled indoor environment, but also manage everything from discharge permitting to proof of destruction documentation.

Complete End-Of-Cycle Waste Treatment and Documentation

Built in 2013, our new facility provides liquid waste removal and treatment for a wide range of food producers and manufacturers, including breweries, cheese factories, soy protein manufacturers, and biodiesel plants. If your facility produces any form of liquid organic waste, we can help.


The waste product life cycle with GreenWhey

We are a full-service wastewater management facility, operating a fleet of hauling trucks that will come to you to pick up your liquid byproducts. We also accept deliveries of bulk loads in our full-service intake, and discard and off-spec food and beverage materials in our new processing center. No facility is too far; we treat liquid waste from facilities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and throughout the country.

Call Us for All of Your Liquid Waste Management Needs

At GreenWhey Energy, we understand that no two food manufacturer’s waste management needs are exactly alike. That is why we offer flexible plans to accommodate a full range of facilities. To learn more about our pricing and services, contact us online or call our facility at 715-986-6430.