Putting the ‘Green’ Back in ‘Green Thumb’

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Putting the ‘Green’ Back in ‘Green Thumb’

It’s officially Spring here in northern Wisconsin. A time for cleaning up the house, breaking out the grill–and for many–planting a garden.

Since gardening is a common pastime for the staff here at GreenWhey, we’re taking the opportunity to run a little experiment: take some biosolids from our wastewater treatment process, make a few different mixtures, and find out if it can help plants grow.

It’s all part of our zero waste mission. In the effort of cleaning up process wastewater from cheese factories and other food processors, we harness energy to make heat and electricity, but we also remove a dirt-like solid substance. This stuff is totally clean and organic, and just so happens to contain nutrients that plants need like nitrogen and phosphorus.

Sound like a perfect fertilizer? It does to us. This spring will give us our first opportunity to test out what we have long suspected: that our biosolids could be an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fertilizers.

To put it another way, it’s an opportunity to put the “green” back in “green thumb.” Stay tuned on how it all turns out.

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