Our Facility

Who said waste management facilities had to be eyesores? At GreenWhey, we have built a facility that is clean, modern, and seamlessly blended with the community.


Our anaerobic digestion facility has flipped traditional waste management on its head. While other facilities are exposed to the elements, we maintain a fully enclosed and controlled indoor environment. While landfills and other digesters are typically located far from human habitation, we have put down roots in the same community we are proud to call home.

We could have gone the easy route, but that would have been selling ourselves, our clients, and our community short.

Sustainable Waste Management

Our technology is anaerobic digestion, an old waste management method that is finding new use in the emerging waste to energy sector. With over 350,000 gallons per day of wastewater and liquid byproducts from food manufacturers coming in to our Turtle Lake, Wisconsin facility, we produce enough biogas to power two, 1.6 MW Caterpillar generators. We treat remaining water up to discharge quality, removing solids and nutrients into a fertilizer byproduct that finds use on area fields. At the end of the day, our technology powers homes with renewable electricity, keeps greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere, and excess nutrients out of area lakes and waterways–all while providing a sustainable waste management service to the food and renewable energy industries.


If you have struggled to find a home for waste products in the past, you understand the value of an offload facility that is convenient and available year round. At GreenWhey, we have a full-service intake on site. With two loading bays and pumps capable of offloading at more than 275 gallons per minute, we are optimized for bulk loads of liquid waste product. In addition, forklifts and around-the-clock staffing give us the ability to unload pallets of discarded and out-of-spec waste materials quickly and safely.


Whether in our laboratory or in our administrative office, we are committed to diligence in testing and record keeping. Our lab technicians test everything that goes in and out of our facility for quality. Administrative staff are able to provide for any documentation needs, from liability waivers to proof of destruction documents.

Are you interested in finding out how GreenWhey can help your business better manage its liquid waste streams? Learn more about our services or call us at 715-986-6430. We provide management of industrial wastes and consumer packaging products for the food and beverage industry in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and throughout the United States.