Is GreenWhey Energy Worth Its Price Tag?

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Like most businesses, we like to keep an eye on what people are saying about us. One common vein of discussion that has emerged in the comment sections of many stories on our project goes sort of like this: “cool project, but it sure seems like a lot money for the limited energy you’ll get out of it.”

Hannah, commenting on, perhaps best sums up this line of thought:

Wow, that’s really cool. But I wonder how they got the funding approved. $28 million is a lot for a brand new project only to reach 3,000 homes and employ 13 ppl full time.

Fair point, but it ignores a key fact: GreenWhey Energy is first and foremost a wastewater treatment facility. We’ll charge a fee to manage waste streams for dairy and food processing plants. The income we’ll generate from the production of electricity, heat, and fertilizer sales is like icing on the cake. They’re much more than residual benefits, to be sure, but our raison d’être remains our ability to clean and treat wastewater that is a growing liability for dairy plants and food processors across the state.

It’s what makes GreenWhey Energy such an interesting project, and one well worth it’s price tag: we’re taking a liability (food waste) and turning it into a commodity (energy and fertilizer).


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  1. AND: it is all local. the energy doesn’t have to be imported; the watershed gets cleaner; you sell fertilizer; you preserve the local cheese-making jobs + the dairy operations; it is a far-reaching local enterprise. congratulations

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