GreenWhey Energy: Not Just for Dairies Anymore

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GreenWhey Energy: Not Just for Dairies Anymore

We like our name at GreenWhey Energy. It helps us describe what we do in under three words, something that’s especially important for a business as complex as our own. There’s just one problem: It leaves out soy, a food product that will supply up to a third of our anaerobic digestion process.

Just this year, we inked a deal with World Food Processing to handle the high strength waste stream from their Turtle Lake soy processing facility. Their plant will supply us with 150,000 gallons per day of high strength wastewater, nearly a third of our 500,000-gallon capacity.

Just like the waste stream from cheese plants, this water is packed full of organic content and nutrients like phosphorous. The organic load it contains is harmful for ecosystems, but can supply valuable food for the methane-producing organisms that will live and thrive in our anaerobic digester reactors.

Working together with World Food Processing, we’ll handle soy waste in a smarter, more environmentally responsible way. And the best part? It’s all local. The World Food Processing plant is just a stone’s throw away from our Turtle Lake facility—so close, in fact, that a pipeline to bring their waste in directly is a distinct possibility.

Stay tuned.

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