A New ‘Whey’ of Doing Business

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A New ‘Whey’ of Doing Business

Businesses change. At GreenWhey, we know this as much as anyone. In our first year of operation, we’ve gone from being a regional wastewater treatment center serving a tight-knit network of cheese factories to thinking much broader.

How can we expand upon our mission to make waste treatment clean and sustainable? What businesses in the region and the country might benefit from the services we provide? Where should we turn to get our message out? These are the questions we’re asking ourselves as we move into the next phase of our project.

With that in mind, we’re rolling out a new direction for our business–a new ‘whey’ forward, if you will. No longer are we simply serving the Wisconsin dairy industry; we want to serve America’s food industry at large. So we’ve revamped our messaging and our website. Have a look:

Curious to know how we got started? Read about the origins and future of the GreenWhey project at Our Story.

Anaerobic digesters may be good for the environment, but they’re not known for being pleasing to the eye. That’s what makes our new facility so special. Learn about it here.

Do we treat whey? Yes. Is that all we treat? Absolutely not. Find out about all of the services GreenWhey provides, including clean and reliable management of bulk liquid wastes and discarded and out-of-spec materials.

Be sure to follow along in the weeks ahead to learn more about how we’re changing the way we do business; and thanks for your support.

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